John Bigler
- Producer/Editor/Photographer/Song Writer

Welcome to my crazy world.  I like to have fun.  That's why I do film, video and photography...because it's fun.  Fun enough to have done it for more than 30 years.  Okay, I know life isn't just about having fun...I think what I do ought to mean something as well.  That's why I've always sought to create media products that not only help meet the needs of my clients, but perhaps more importantly,  even help people. The best media products have heart; in some way, they make people's lives better, and hopefully even make the world, a better place.


My philosophy?  Exceed expectations!  In a nutshell...make the client look good.  I do that by keeping a handle on costs, while creating an atmosphere where creativity can flourish. This is what I do:

  • Video and film production
  • HD cinematography
  • Digital Photography
  • Budgeting and cost tracking
  • Video Editing
  • Pre-production, production and post production management
  • Data management for projects shot digitally

A picture really IS worth a thousand words.  So check me out and give me a holler on your next project, and let's have!
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